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    Working environment for the lab of Arganda

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    Manages activities of Quart de Poblet living lab

  • Closed Lab  ·  4 members

    Manages activities of Bremerhaven living lab

  • Closed Lab  ·  13 members

    Manages activities of Vicenza living lab

  • Open Lab  ·  7 members

    Food for Iasi Living Lab is designed as a collaborative and innovative hub.

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    This lab hasn't provided a description.

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    Pollica, a rural village in the south of Italy, is the epicenter of Mediterranean lifestyle and the crossover point of history, culture and anthropology of this ancient heritage. The “Paideia Campus” in Pollica, is an experimental center where one can learn a new kind of sociality and live the concept of integral ecology, of which the Mediterranean diet is a concrete example. Everything is connected - environmental protection and human health, regeneration of the territory and citizens' well-being, social justice, and climate change. The Paideia Campus was created to teach how to see these connections and thus design a better future for Pollica, for the Mediterranean, and for the whole world.
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    Murska Sobota is the largest town in Pomurje and the northernmost town in Slovenia. It is a typical sub-Pannonian settlement at an altitude of 190 meters. It is located not far from the border with neighboring countries Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It developed in the plain world on the left bank of the Mura River. The name "Sobota" originates from Saturday fairs, and later the adjective "Murska" was added because of the Mura River. It is the administrative, economic, cultural, educational and health center of the Pomurje region.

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    The Food lab in Vejle is promoted by Culinary Institute which is an existing platform to connect innovators and stakeholders in Food and Gastronomy.

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    Muğla CRFS Labs develops especially in the fisheries and more globally seafood value chains. Muğla CRFS Labs connects with organic aquaculture, microalgaes, microalgae-assisted integrated multi-trophic aquaculture to deliver healthy, sustainable, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, especially to the schooling sphere.

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    Manages activities of Vidzeme living lab

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    Belgian historic city at the North Sea with 118K inhabitants. A blend of industry, tourism and care facilities & institutions. Culinary hotspot with 10 Michelin stars and 2 famous cook schools. With the ambition to become a SDG Pioneer (UN initiative). Connected to the rural context Existing Foodlab with proven track record. Quadruple helix partnerships. Catering facility for local elderly population as well as for tourism. University college with focus on food & care

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